Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fallen Angel

Heaven is like a treasure while hell is a cloak of darkness hiding it,
I smell the fear running through my veins,
Knowing that even though I have fallen once I can still rise to reach the skies.
To prove myself in making my soul pure and be ridden of all the darkness that flows inside of me,
Falling is the last thing an angel feels, all I can think about is what awaits me on the other side,
Trying not to unleash the monster that’s grown inside of me by the chains that bond my body,
The sun comes out shining its dark rays,
He's never going down without giving it his all,
Someday I will conquer and break through the chains that bind my true soul,
The water hits the moon's reflection trying to fight off the darkness of the night,
The devil dancing on lava while the angel is waiting patiently for me to make the right choice.
Which side is made for my torn soul, falling once but this time I must choose the right path.

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