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Unknown (Story)

I am a lost soul in this big world.
Overcoming a fear like this is not as easy as it may seem when I know who caused it; me. Every night I try stopping myself from screaming. My two brothers always worry about me and I don’t want them worrying about me because I’m the one that caused their sorrow. I’m 16 years old and my last name is unknown. I was born on October 31, 1995. I have silky dark brown hair that looks black, and light blue eyes like ice. My height is 5’6. Living isn’t my favorite thing in the world, but it might have been six years ago.
Its 6:30am and it probably isn’t going to be the best day I could have, but I have to manage this world somehow. I slowly lift up my dead-like body off my bed and head off to my closet. Only thing I can see in my closet is pure black. I grab a black button-up shirt, jeans, and my favorite black leather jacket. Usually I’m an outsider; I probably look like the grim reaper to most people. They should feel afraid. Grabbing my back pack, putting on my necklace that’s a piece of metal dangling on a chain, and my iPod I head towards the stairs and walk down.
“Hey Gabriel,” a voice comes from behind and I feel a set of arms around my shoulders, which is my one and only twin, Zane. We don’t have that much in common. Our looks aren’t technically the same. He keeps his hair short while I keep mine neck length. He has dark blue eyes like a deep ocean. He winks and says “Lighten up it’s our first two weeks of Junior year! Haven’t you thought about all the girls? I heard there’s going to be a new girl in school...”
“Hello Zane,” I shake my head embarrassed of Zane’s lack of education. “No, unlike you I’m there for learning reasons.” I walk away, not knowing how we are related. I go to the kitchen as I see my big brother, Jay, making pancakes.
“Hi, Gab. Are you excited?” Jay comes toward me and puts the plate down. He’s the oldest out of all of us. I know these years have been difficult for him taking care of us while he could be out partying like a normal 21-year-old guy. He has light silky dirty blond hair and green eyes.
I just nod, not wanting him to worry. “Don’t worry about me Jay. Unlike Zane, I’m pretty dependent.” Putting on a fake smile hoping he will buy my little lie. I start eating my food to make him understand everything will be fine. When I finally finish, I go toward the kitchen and put the plate there. I walk outside and go to my car; it is a black Mercedes- Benz convertible. Turning the car back to life, blasting the music through the speakers, I'm on my way to my own personal prison called school.
I walk through the halls of school, noticing stares, gasps, hearing whispers, and finally reach my locker. Chuckling at the locker number 666 knowing it’s a sign of where I truly belong... hell. I put my notebooks in my locker and only take my chemistry notebook. Finally finding my Chemistry class, I sit down in a seat that doesn’t have a partner next to it. I see girls just staring. I guess the whole outsider look is what girls are really interested in. I'm waiting for the moment the teacher can come in before I get irritated by them. He finally walks in but seems very tired and unready. Great, just what I needed. Chemistry, being my favorite class, unfortunately being taught by a horrible teacher. I notice a note in his hand as he shakes his head not ready for today.
“Hello class. You may call me Mr. Johnson. Today, we have a new student who was originally in a school in California. Please treat her well and show her around the school,” he nods at the open door. A girl slowly walks in she has brown hair and hazel eyes. “This is Alexandra Moore. You will be sitting next to Gabriel.” She sat down next to me and noticed what I was wearing; she’s thinking, “Great I’m next to a serial killer...” I let out a low grin. I find it hilarious how I can hear thoughts.
“I’m not that lethal. Liking the color black proves nothing,” I whispered. Her eyes go wide wondering how I knew and noticing we both have the same ability. I winked at her and took out my iPod, put my headphones on, and blasted the music. Knowing everything that he’s going to teach by mind reading so there was really no point in listening to him when I can pour my soul into music. When class was almost over, I passed her a note. She slowly opened it as she read “Meet me at locker 666 after school and we will start your little tour Princess.” She laughed and thought, “Why would I meet you? You seem like one of those boys who are pretty conceded.” I thought, “Then you don’t know anything at all if just by one glance you think you know everyone,” letting out a devilish grin.
So far I’ve already earned the nickname of “Mute” for being quiet. My old one has relived again which was “Devil” for talking back to a teacher with my fair use of vocabulary, getting into a fight with Drew Ashford, and winning a fight against four jocks, not too challenging. Unfortunately, without lowering my ranking status at this school it’s just gotten higher. Girls just don’t stop bugging me about prom. I’ve never been a big fan of dancing but my parents used to take me to classes with my brothers. I’m probably not going, but who knows. Afterschool I wait by my locker with a Tootsie Pop in my mouth, waiting patiently for Alexandra.
Tapping my shoulder she says grinning, “Hi Gabriel, Mute, Devil, or Killer. Or whatever they call you.” I chuckled and ran my hands through my hair. “Call me whatever you like now let’s start your little tour,” holding out my hand to go forward “shall we?”
I don’t think I have ever felt about someone this way. Her eyes are so warm and welcoming. Others always wanted something from me or for popularity. But she’s so different it’s like she doesn’t have a care in the world, nothing to lose. Maybe Zane was right about this year... Considering I’m the controlled one! Zane is such a horrible influence I shook my head to snap out of this train of thought. It was too quiet.
Clearing my throat, “So how was your first day of school in England?”
“Why are you asking me this? What are you up to? If you have something to say spit it out... By the way I saw your brother Zane. Any chance if getting me his number?” My face turned white I didn’t know what to say... I’ve never been really good at expressing my feelings towards people. But out of all the people my own twin. I’m so use to every girl coming at me but this girl seemed she would spit on me. In some way I was attracted to it. “Oh hit the spot didn’t I?” Flipping her hair and hearing footsteps move in the opposite direction. I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.
I run towards her and grabbed her arm, “Listen I’m new to this... You’re just different. I’m afraid that once I become vulnerable that you will leave which will break me even more than I already am. I don’t have the greatest past but when I see you, hear your voice I feel like I released everything that has happened,” I let go of her arm, eyes growing watery “I’m sorry,” slowly walking away as I put on my sunglasses to avoid being asked what happen.
I keep walking until I hear her thoughts, “Gabriel! Meet me tonight at my dorm. 8pm. I think you can figure out which one I’m in.” I nod and start going toward my car. Sitting down I smiled what a turn of events maybe this prison will be a heaven. I start the engine and go on my road to home.
Home sweet home but all I can think about is what’s going to happen tonight. Falling onto my bed I close my eyes. I kept wondering if I was possibly dreaming. I knew one thing for sure I’m going to ask Alexandra Moore to prom. The first thing I do is call my friend Erik. I’ve known Erik since I was little he’s practically like my brother but he knows what I’ve been going through. I call him and explain everything that happened between me and Alexandra.
Erik replies, “Well don’t lose her. I’ve never seen you this happy after the incident. You seriously want to go to prom bro? You know what’s going to happen people will be bombarding you like those celebrities! But I’m happy you’re happy! Maybe we can go on a double date with you and Alex and me and Heather...”
“You’re so excited it’s humorous. But what if she says no? She’s playing hard to get right
“Hahaha! Then she wouldn’t know what missed her! Use those icy eyes of yours! That Gabriel charm you have! I know you can do it. Don’t give up your fight so easily. Fight for her, I don’t care if you have to verse off against Zane! You need this,” he replies.
Knowing he’s right. I chuckled and said, “Than get ready to plan that double date.”
“That’s my boy! See ya bro!” He hung up and I got up and started getting ready. I got a dark blue shirt and changed it. As I’m almost done spraying my cologne Unpredictable Night by Glenn Perri, Jay knocks on the door.
“Hey Gab. Haven’t seen you all day. Can I come in?” Checking the time it was 7:30pm. Schools pretty close so I let him. He comes in noticing my whole change and grins. “Did Gab find a girl?”
I nod my head nervously, “Yea she’s a new girl. There’s something different about her,” Letting out a low smile. “She’s just like us... She can hear thoughts.”
His mouth dropped, “You can’t be serious? There’s barely any of our kind left. Immortals are not the easiest catch to find. You make it sound so easy!”
I laughed “You never let me finish! She has an older sister named Rose from what I read in her mind... Maybe just maybe I can tell her about you and MAYBE just maybe set you two up.” Winking at him in a teasing way.
“Awww that’s cruel Gab! Cut a brother some slack!”
“I know I will talk to her I have pictures of us you know so calm yourself! I got to go now.” I said sticking out my tongue.
Walking outside I unlock my doors and step in. Driving to the school dorms I start walking around. It was a pretty nice night. There was a full moon and it was really good weather. Maybe I will take her outside after whatever were going to do... Then suddenly someone puts there hand on my mouth and pulls me back. My eyes widened thinking this will be the last scene I see before I meet the devil in his lair.
“Hello there Gabriel.” a low voice from behind whispering in my ear. Finally letting me
It was Alexandra. Her stunt was so surprising I was caught off guard and started laughing. She smiled at me.
“You totally saw that coming! Don’t tell me I actually scared the Devil himself!” she
“You do not want to go there. I don’t get scared that easily. I terrify people for a living just by looking at them!” I replied laughing.
“Well then. Let’s see if I can master the Devil’s techniques soon... Anyway, I invited you here cause I wanted to know more about you... As stubborn as you look I feel like your hiding something and especially what you told me in the halls today makes you more mysterious.” She said.
“Alex isn’t it suppose to be a good thing to be mysterious,” I replied winking. “Anyway, okay so here’s a start... what’s your favorite color? Do you have any siblings? What instrument do you play?”
“My favorite color is pink which is obviously the opposite of you, but the whole blue changes my whole opinion. Yes, I have a sister named Rose. She’s about 20. I don’t play any actually. What about you?”
“As you already know my favorite color is black... Blue was just a touch up color so you can understand I’m not really that demented like cutting myself and all. Yes, I have two brothers. One which you already met which is Zane. Zane is my twin brother. I also have an older brother whose name is Jay he’s 21. I play piano and violin.” Trying to avoid the whole parent conversation, but I know it’s coming up.
“Oh I see... My parents died when I was little by these robbers that broke in. They tried protecting us. These robbers knew what we were and they wanted to use us like those lab rats. So Rose ran out of the window while my parents were trying to fight them off... But they never came back.” She said in a low voice.
I cleared my throat, held my metal necklace, and whispered, “Well um... When my parents were finally coming home for my birthday, I called them while they were driving. My parents were talking about a family vacation for my birthday, and suddenly I hear glass cracking, screams of pain, and a cars honking. I’ve never been the same; I believe I’m the one to blame for the loss of my mother and father. On October 31 which is my birthday police comes outside and tells my big brother Jay what happened. The car was totaled and their bodies were found dead... I keep my grades up because if my parents were still here they would probably be telling me to do well in school to make them proud...” Trying my best to hold back my tears. Flashing her images of all this happening through my thoughts. Her mouth drops seeing everything I was seeing, understanding what I was feeling. She leaned in and hugged me tight and kept repeating everything will be okay. As a tear drop slowly fell onto the wood floors. I nod my head trying to get myself back to normal. “I’m sorry for your loss also...” Now she knows what’s haunting me. Now I’m fully vulnerable... But I knew she was different.
“Thanks for telling me the truth Gabriel... Anyways to lighten the mood what do you want to do?” She replied smiling.
I nod and smile back, “Hmmm... Want to watch a movie?”
“Sure... But don’t laugh! I don’t have the newest ones I have Disney Movies really...”
I chuckled but she still noticed and stuck out her tongue. “Do you at least have Nightmare Before Christmas?”
She pulls out the DVD and puts it in the laptop, “Yes oh great master!”
We sit down and put our legs on the coffee table as we watch. I’ve never felt so relaxed. I feel that the weight on my shoulders have lifted after telling her this. I would have never expected she would be so sweet inside when she acted so stubborn. She did exactly what I did to cover up my feelings. Put a huge brick between your hidden identity and who you act to be. Some people may call it “emo” but their lack of education sickens me. Emo’s true meaning is being very sensitive; emotional. I never knew it was a bad thing.
When the movie was over I looked at her straight in her warm hazel eyes and said, “Alex I have a question... Will you come with me to prom tomorrow?”
She let out a deep breath, “Of course I will.”
I put my hands under her chin and kissed her lightly. “Well I will see you tomorrow than. Since your now the Devil’s princess what would I need to call you? My fallen angel? Oh! I almost forgot. Give this picture to Rose, Jay was killing me. He wants to know if he can go out with her. Maybe plan a double date. And here’s my number if you ever missed a devilish company for yours truly. Goodnight.” I slowly lift myself up and giving her the card. I hug her tight not wanting to leave her alone. Worried she might disappear.
She grabbed the photo, “Yea sure. Don’t worry I’ll be fine. Goodnight.” She grinned and hugged be back.
I walked outside; staring at the moon I couldn’t believe everything was true. I feel like I don’t deserve such happiness. But maybe I do. Maybe she was sent to me by my parents. I sigh, getting in my car, and drive home.
When I get home I’m bombarded by Zane and Jay’s questions about what happen and Jay kept asking if I told her. While I’m just giggling like one of those crazy fan girls. I guess it wasn’t all a dream. I finally stopped giggling and told them what happen.
“ YEAAAAAAAAAAAA BUDDY! Thanks Gab! I love you!” Jay said grinning.
“Hey I have to help a brother out right.” I replied winking.
“That’s my little brother setting me up. I’m happy I haven’t seen you like this in years.” He said patting my back. It was obvious by Zane’s look he was a little jealous. But he is also happy for me. I actually broke through that wall and gave love a chance after the whole incident.
I walk back upstairs and lay down. Tomorrow is the day. The dance who knows what’s going to happen. I take out my phone sending her a text, “I got home safely. See you tomorrow my fallen angel. I Love You. Goodnight ~Gabriel”. I put my phone on the table and slowly fell asleep.
Waking up knowing today is the day. Knowing I’m still going to wear black. I feel very energized. Before my heart worked on a battery. Now it’s working automatically it doesn’t need any help. Opening my eyes Jay and Zane are standing there just staring while I’m scared and wondering what in the name of god happened.
“TODAY IS YOUR SPECIAL DAY GAB!” They scream in unison.
I busted out laughing. Knowing that they will always be there when I fall or rise. Waiting to help me up or cheer me on. “Thanks my oh so dear brothers.”
“Hey now you have to be a gentleman she’s obviously a keeper from what I’ve heard so don’t mess this up.” Jay says throwing me a bag.
Right when I’m about to ask what it is, Zane says, “Gabriel is a tux! Now go wear it and model it for us.” I get up from my slumber knowing nothing was a dream. Changing into the tux they both smiled.
“Oh look our little boy is growing up.” Both said in unison while whipping there fake
“You know Zane if I do remember I’m one minute older than you.” I replied winking. Grabbing my pocket knife I put it in my pocket. It’s never that bad to keep one for emergencies.
After waiting hours for this dance to start I was finally ready and it was 7pm. I called her saying I’m going to be there in about 10 minutes. As I was driving I see four men ganged up on someone. Going closer I notice Alex being pushed onto the floor, while they are trying to take her clothes off, and tape on her mouth. I run out of the car knowing they were trying to rape her. Taking out my pocket knife I run towards the four men and stab them. I couldn’t lose her. I couldn’t stop it from my parents dying because I wasn’t in the car. This is all happening in front of me and the only thing I did was killing them all. Knowing that Alex has just witnessed what I have done. Seeing vermillion stains on my hands noticing I’ve unleashed the monster that’s grown inside of me. I couldn’t have escaped it no matter what. I was living my own nightmare, I couldn’t control myself. I slowly walked away knowing that she’s probably afraid of me.
I felt someone holding onto me from behind, “Gabriel! No don’t! Please! Don’t leave me!” She cried shaking in fear.
A tear escaping from my eye slowly drips down. We both knew this would probably be the last time we see each other. We knew that we could run away and that was probably the only way we could be together.
“Wherever you go I’m coming with you!” I nodded. She followed me to the car and we
“Alex I have everything in the trunk. Emergency kits, tent, water, food and so on. Don’t worry. I’m sorry...” I replied in a low voice. We drive far away from home until I see a forest. It was a pretty small town and it didn’t seem like security was that high. The forest was about 10 miles away from town. I put up the tent noticing my phone was about to explode after all the
calls from Jay and Zane. I grabbed some leaves and branches from the floor and try to hide my car so it can camouflage just in case. I finally sat down next to Alex seeing her still shaken from the incident I hold her tight.
“I love you,” she said. I felt my heart stop. I couldn’t believe those words I was hearing. “You protected me no matter what the cost was. You always told me the truth; you’re the only one who understands what I go through. I love you for who you are. Don’t hide your feelings don’t be afraid to share them. I’m here. I will listen.”
I turned to face her. Stunned to hear those words come out of her mouth. I kissed her for a long amount of time, I was breathless. Hoping time would stop right now at this moment. Hearing her say those words to me meant everything. We lay down knowing its late as she puts her head on my chest listening to my steady heart beat.
After two weeks of being in hiding we are pretty use to the wildlife. Even though most of the time we are in the car listening to music, sleeping, turning on the heater when it gets cold, and just talking about our lives.
That night I heard footsteps. I thought it was an animal like maybe a raccoon. But I was wrong, there was a shine of gleaming yellow pointed at my face. It was the police. I opened my eyes hoping I didn’t awaken Alex.
“If you don’t come quietly we will take her too,” the officer whispered. They knew she was my prized possession. I slowly got up. My eyes watery knowing that this may be the last time I see her. I give her one last look until I’m pulled away to the car.
Alexandra woke up. “Gabriel! Gabriel where are you?” Alex thinks that Gabriel abandoned her but as she looks around the camp it seemed someone was here. She figures out that the police came and took him. She notices that he left his car keys next to her. She grabbed the keys and drove off to Gabriel’s brother’s place.
She knocks on the door and explained what happen. “Listen, I know this is a long shot but I want to plan a break out. He saved me. Now it’s my turn. Even though it’s crazy I love him and I want him to be safe,” Jay and Zane look at each other in deep thought. They agreed but they called back up. Alex already called Rose and Zane called Erik and Heather. “Jay you are
10 | P a g e
going to take a bazooka with you, since you’re trained with it. We are provided with an AK-47. Each gun will have a silencer. We are using a stealth attack. Tomorrow we will move out and save him.” They all knew they were sleeping here for tomorrow’s big event.
In the morning everyone grabbed their vests, guns, and bullets. They knew that they would either come dead or alive. Dead wasn’t one of those options. From what they know Rose and Alexandra’s parents use to work for the government so they knew the perks.
Rose went up to Jay and winked, “When this is all over we can think about that little date you were planning.”
They jumped into the car and drove to Wandsworth Prison. Zane, Alexandra, Erik, and Heather grabbed their materials. They were taking care of the perimeter. After they kill off the perimeter Jay and Rose will step in and use the bazooka’s and grenades to break the walls.
“Are you guys ready?” Alex said.
“Yes,” they replied in unison.
Alex, Zane, Erik, and Heather ran around the perimeter. Shooting everyone in sight and Rose already hacked the cameras with the picture and not anything moving. When they finished the perimeter BOOM BOOM BOOM. The bazooka from Jay hit the area. As the dust camouflaged them everyone ran inside ready for anything.
Alex thought, “Gabriel, Gabriel answer me where are you?” Gabriel heard her thought, his eyes widened. Was she actually here trying to save him or was he hallucinating? “Gabriel what cell are you in!” He started hearing sounds of gun shots.
“I’m in cell 314,” he thought. Alex ran, forgetting that Zane, Erik, and Heather weren’t behind her.
“Gabriel! Gabriel! Where are you?” She screamed.
“Alex! I’m here! I’m all the way at the end!” he said.
She ran faster only seeing his face would calm her down. Nothing could stop this frenzy until she saw he was safe and not locked up. She finally found his cell.
11 | P a g e
“Gabriel step back...” Alex said. Gabriel and Alex stepped back and PEW she shot the lock and the door busted open. She ran toward him and hugged him. Tears forming in her eyes. “We have to go. Now. Everyone’s here.” Grabbing his hand she pulled him toward the exit. Everyone ran out safely and went into the car.
They all cheered for the return of Gabriel.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh my god!” Alex slowly fell over and screamed in pain. They looked at her wondering what was going on. No one noticed that she was shot in the knee.
“TURN ON THE CAR AND GO TO THE NEAREST HOSPITAL NOW!” Gabriel said. Jay started the car and speed through the streets. He held her close, trying to stop the blood. He ripped his shirt and wrapped it around her leg. If she lost too much blood he didn’t know what he would do.
They finally reach the hospital and Alex was sent right to the emergency room. When they came out the nurse said, “We had to replace her knee cap but other than that she’s fine. Just don’t let her run too much.”
Everyone nodded and stepped into her room. Gabriel sat on the chair next to her and stared at her. “It’s all my fault. If only I hadn’t called and said I would be outside she would have never waited. If I just knocked on the door...” he whispered crying.
“Gabriel no it’s not. She did this because she loved you. She wanted you to be safe. She’s the one that planned the whole mission. Who would have known she would pack that much nerves to do such a thing. That’s not a girl you see every day.” Jay replied. He nodded and just stared at her. Laying his head down next to the bed he fell asleep. It was morning and he woke up. Staring at her patiently.
She was now awakened from her slumber like Sleeping Beauty, as she slowly opened her beautiful hazel eyes looking straight at me.
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  1. As discussed, you create nicely and fully developed characters.

    But, this story needs less bazooka. :)

  2. Thank You!
    && is there anyway i can keep it but edit the story to make the scene longer? Would it make sense like that?