Monday, March 12, 2012

Forever Asleep ~ Sleeping Beauty

I hope you know
I stabbed my finger on the needle on purpose
Until your horrid lips hit mine
Those fairies acting as though they can do whatever i want
Making every wish come true except one
Since your the prince shouldn't you be the one thats suppose to listen to my words
I think you have mistaken my hate for love
Maybe I'm not in the mood to fall in your arms
Maybe I want to sleep forever

You three dust flies
Red, green, & blue
I never asked you to assist me 
Maybe i wanted to be taken away by the dark shadows
Maleficent might of been better
She let me sleep and i wouldn't have to feed those stupid animals
I wouldn't have to see that disgusting prince

Unfortunately awoken reunited by my parents
Dancing in a pink dress
Did you ask me about the color?
Maybe I wanted black
How can I go away?
The man that always plays with his guitar spills his drink on the floor

Screams surround me
I think my wish has came true
My eyes slowly rolling back
Darkness will now take over

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