Thursday, March 22, 2012


I tell you one thing,
But make up a thousand words to deny it.
Make me a worse person, 
Make me wonder what I have done wrong.
Is it a bad thing to just tell you the truth?
Our voices trapped by the walls that lock my fate,
Your making me wonder if its better for me to lie.
Is the execution over?
Am I your next victim in this cage?
The child I once was is gone,
Nothing will bring me back.
My skin is new,
The monster has covered my innocence.
Playing with my soul watching me suffer,
No one helping.
Holding my arm up high to overcome the floor crumbling beneath me,
Waiting for someone to help me.
Screams escape from my vocal cords,
Tears dripping beneath me.
Nothing will please you,
No matter how hard I try.
I just want that one moment,
Hoping for you to catch me. 
You said you would be there.

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