Sunday, April 29, 2012


A shirt thats black can not become white,
No matter how many times you try cleaning it,
Stains are still there.
You are still not important to me.
I wont bother trying to help you.
Your in too deep.
Its worthless now.
You should of listened.
You should of made the effort to try and save yourself.
Can you hear me?
Do you block it out because its to hard for you to understand?

You are nothing more than a wasted space.
Your no longer needed.
There is no place for you here.
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  1. Very nice throughout Mahshad. You have a nice way of writing poems that seem very personal, but I think many people may find the feeling universal.

    The sixth line should be "too."

    Nice poem.

  2. Thank you! I like writing poems that are not only about myself but it can relate to others. Most writers make poems about themselves and people can understand what they feel while they hide their own emotions. I like making poems that can relate in both ways so they can think "oh this completely is me" and they can relate to it and help themselves fix the situation or if they feel bad about something that happened and they tried their best to fix that its okay its their choice. :)